What is Ecommerce ?

What is E-Commerce; Websites that unite consumers and companies in a single point in the digital world and enable online shopping are called E-Commerce sites. On e-commerce sites you can find anything that is available in a real store. Thanks to these sites, you can buy all products and services available online with online payment options. E-Commerce software plays a role in the creation of e-commerce sites.

How Should E-Commerce Software Modules Be?
E-Commerce software differs according to the needs of the company and in which sales actions it will be used. In general terms, the methods and software modules to be used while creating E-Commerce sites are as follows;

A professional and mobile-friendly design specific to your brand on the e-commerce site
Filtering Module
Stock Tracking Module
Order Tracking Module
Shopping agreements created in the name of return, sale, confidentiality and security within the e-commerce site
News and Announcement Module
3D Safe Shopping
Ensuring reliable shopping created with SSL and 128bit encryption method
Coupon Module
Gift Certificate Module
Add Unlimited Products
Add Unlimited Categories
Membership Creation System
Member Tracking Module
Cargo Tracking Module

How E-Commerce Software Should Be?
It Should Be Secure: The most important point in e-commerce sites is the reliability of the site. In order not to encounter any problems with the servers, the site infrastructure should be robust. Possible attacks, threats, etc. It is necessary to use programs that can offer immediate solutions against the effects that harm the site. In addition, only attacks, threats, etc. on the server. It is necessary to find suitable programs not only for problems but also for backup. In this way, possible data loss is prevented. In addition, 128bit or 256bit SSL encryption systems should be used for the security of customers’ card information at payment points.

It Should Be For Search Engines: E-commerce sites should consist of software suitable for search engines. Automatic sitemap should be created and this sitemap should be made recognizable in all search engines. In addition, analytical plugins of search engines must be installed so that you can analyze the behavior of users visiting your website. In particular, it is necessary to have an SEO plugin. SEO is the key to an effective ranking in search engines.
Must Have Expandable Design Features: The designs you make today may become obsolete in a few years. Therefore, ensure that the E-Commerce software can be developed and adapted to the latest technology.
The Admin Panel Should Be Comfortable and Usable: There are 3 fields that are used the most in e-commerce sites. These areas are; adding products, order control and cargo tracking. First of all, you should ensure that these areas are comfortable and easy to use. Because customers need to be able to add and remove products, learn where their cargo is, and perform their transactions easily and comfortably.
Virtual Pos and Alternative Payment Options: The variety of payment options in e-commerce sites is one of the most important points. If you offer a credit card payment option for shopping on your site, virtual pos and 3D secure E-Commerce software should be problem-free.
The E-Commerce Software to be Used Must Have Privileges: Care should be taken to include all the details in the E-Commerce software. Advanced option management, customer order analysis, mass mailing, active users, virtual pos details, user security, contracted banks and cargo companies, etc. You have to make sure you have all the features.

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