What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing?
Network marketing – also called multi-level marketing, multi-level marketing, direct sales technique – is a system where a network marketing firm sells its products and services, usually through people who do not have a regular income, and commissions from this sale according to a unilevel, breakaway, matrix or binary system. Network marketing software is required to manage and follow such an organization.

In the network marketing system, the person who makes the sale can earn two types of income. The primary source of income is the income source of the network marketing company by selling its products and services to its own customers. The second source of income is the commissions he earns from the members of his team. These commissions are determined according to the hierarchy and earnings model determined by the network marketing firm.

For this reason, salespeople in the network marketing system are expected to sell directly to end-user retail consumers through relationship advice and word of mouth. But more importantly, they are encouraged to include others as salespeople in the company’s sales system. The more powerful and detailed the network marketing software you use, the more you have control over the process.

Modules in Our Network Marketing Software
Content Management Module
It is the section where all the contents of the system are managed. Slider management, advertisements, articles, events and surveys are managed from this area.

E-Newsletter Module
In the e-bulletin section, you can see the e-mail list of the users registered to your e-mail list, send e-mails to this list and add or remove from this list. In addition, you can create your own e-mail template and send the e-mail you wrote to this template to the subscribers with one click.

SMS Module
Order statuses, password reminders and other important activities processed on the site are automatically transmitted via SMS. In addition, if you wish, you can send a bulk SMS to the network marketing members in the system. This requires an SMS subscription, we can also provide this service to you.

Banks Module
Financial settings are made with the bank module. You can set bank branches, virtual pos settings, foreign currency definitions from this section.

Products Module
In the Products module, you can find groups, categories, brands, comments, features, variations, product additions, updates, information about warehouses (including shelf definitions), cost, catalog price, members’ purchase price, VAT, desi settings, barcode, weight. You can manage the unit, stocks, reference premium, purchase invoices and many more data from here. You can also update your products in bulk from the system or excel file.

Catalogs Module
You can present your products as an online catalogue. You can create more than one catalog and manage your catalog pages one by one.

Users Module
In this section, you can arrange which authorizations will be given to the users who will use the system, which operations they can perform, when and from which IP address they log in to the system, and the IPs that are authorized to log into the system.

Orders Module
Incoming orders in the order module, details of orders, management of the return process of orders, status of orders and payment methods, processing of collections, cargo management, catalog tracking, supplier orders, hanger list status, invoicing, e-invoice management, e-invoice status, deleted orders, credit card orders, expenses and many other actions can be managed.

Member Module
It is the module where the members in the system are managed. Information such as addresses, billing profiles, log-ins, current movements, orders, levels, duties, bonus details, cargo, and sessions of the members are managed and displayed here.

Definitions Module
It is the module where static definitions in the system such as province, district, district, neighborhood, village, town, profession, supplier, expense, performance and campaign, parcel, SMS companies, career levels, cargo barcode lists are made and managed.

Forms Module
This is the section where the data coming from the forms on the site are kept. Information from notification forms, contact forms, survey data, notify when product arrives, job applications, support system and other forms are displayed here. You can also create a new form from this section.

Reports Module
Our report module is also a very advanced module. Product stocks, log tracking, member analysis report, basket report, product return report, member return report, hanger list, cashier report, integration processes, scheduled tasks service status, coupon movements, stock consumption analysis, member-based product sales report, graphical reports , best selling products, most returned products, current transactions, debt – credit status and many more reports, and you can export these reports and save them to your computer if you want.

Business Tracking Module
Update your company from time to time

The network marketing software we have developed is completely tailored to your needs. Instead of selling ready-made packages, we listen to your needs to the end and get the algorithm started.

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